The capital of the island Corfu - Kerkyra is considered one of the most beautiful cities of Greece. It is a spiritual, cultural and economic center of not only the island, but of all the Ionian Islands.

On the island there are many churches that emphasizes sincere and deep religious feeling of its inhabitants, but the special feelings they have for St. Spyridon, who is considered the patron. The Church of St. Spiridon – the center of attraction for all the inhabitants of the island. Throughout the day it never for a moment be empty. Quite a few hours to stay in the temple, to see how the Saint is revered.
The Spianada Square
Kerkyra Town
Corfu, Greece
The venue of the main events of the festival
will be the main center of attraction of the city -
the Spianada Square.
Spianada SQUARE

One of the most attractive places of the city

The vast green space between the Old Fort and the rest of the city, where strolling families with children, marching bands and celebrated various holidays
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