Skete of St. Paraskeva - Kinopiastes
Monasticism is not loneliness.
This is a test of a person in the divine time.
(Dionysios Karatsas)
10 km from the city of Kerkyra, above the village of Kinopistes, in the idyllic town of Plagiies, there is the Skete of St. Paraskeva - a favorite place of worship of local residents and guests of the island. According to historical data, the temple existed in this place already in 1571 and was the cathedral of the monastery of the same name. The founder of the monastery is the priest Michael Monastioriotis.

In 1877, the monastery of St. Paraskeva became female. At this time there striving nuns – sisters Agatha and Nymphodora Buratti. The abbess of the monastery was Nymphodora Constantine. In 1984, the monastery was completely rebuilt. In addition, a new wing was built with a variety of residential and office space. The complex of buildings of the skete consists of the main temple, bell tower, built in the local architectural style and a residential building. On the first floor of the building are archontariki, a refectory, monastic shop and office space. The monastery reverently keeps the right hand of St. Paraskeva, as well as a particle of the relics of St. Joseph of the Consecrated Cretan, brought from Zakynthos by the monk Christopher. Testimonies of eyewitnesses show that the holy relics are an inexhaustible source of miracles that are performed here. Many sacred objects, church utensils, icons, rare books, historical relics - letters of bishops and archpriests and other documents are kept in the sacristy. Skeet celebrates his patronal feast on July 26, the day of Saint Paraskeva.

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