On the eve of Navy Day on July 25, 2018 in Kronstadt a unique exhibition dedicated to the undefeated admiral Holy Righteous Warrior Feodor Ushakov was opened

The exhibition was prepared by the Center for Cultural Cooperation named after St. Spiridon of Trimythous in cooperation with the Russian State Military Historical Archive.
Support in carrying out this project is provided by the Patriarchal Council for Culture, the State Duma of the Russian Federation and the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy. In Kronstadt, the project was assisted by the Leningrad Naval Base, the Kronstadt Deanery, the administration of the Kronstadt District of St. Petersburg and the Regional Public Organization "Kronstadt Marine Assembly".

At the opening ceremony, the military cadets, cadets of the Kronstadt Naval Corps, residents and guests of the city were greeted with greetings by the head of the project "Undefeated Admiral: Holy Righteous Warrior Feodor Ushakov" Pavel Karpukhin (Moscow); Head of the Military Educational Scientific Center of the Navy Admiral Fleet of the Soviet Union N.G. Kuznetsova Vice-Admiral V. L.Fleet of the Soviet Union N.G. Kuznetsova Vice-Admiral V. L.
Kasatonov; a veteran of the Navy, Hero of the Russian Federation, Rear Admiral V. L. Khmyrov; Responsible Secretary of the Maritime Council under the Government of St. Petersburg T. I. Chekalova; the head of the administration of the Kronstadt district of St. Petersburg, captain of 1st rank O. A. Dovganiuk; the chairman of the Kronstadt Naval Assembly, Rear Admiral A. Speshilov; captain of the Central Naval Museum of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Captain of 1st Rank A. P. Tarapon and representative of the Kronstadt Deanery Hieromonk Leonid (Mankov).

The educational exhibition successfully took place in many cities of Russia and abroad. The opening of the exhibition in the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral is timed to the bringing of the relics of the Holy Righteous Warrior Feodor Ushakov from the Sanaxar monastery in Mordovia.

The exposition presents more than 20 rarities: maps of battles, rare photographs, awards and other items. The exhibition tells about the life path of the most famous Russian naval commander, his victories, his attitude towards sailors and the chosen monastic path at the end of his earthly life.

The press office of the Center of Culture Cooperation named after Spiridon Trimifutsky
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